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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here is a list of Thesaurus of only the GRE words. THESAURUS(Related Words)

Here is a list of thesaurus of only the GRE words.

This list can help the intermediate learners(started cramming word lists, and found it as the very conventional way for preparing GRE)

Take a Print out of following word list as Document and Go ahead with the Preparation.

Assured GRE Verbal score with this word list is 400/800.

1. Abhorrent, abominable, detestable, execrable, loathsome, obnoxious, repellent, repugnant, odious, heinous, disgusting
2. Abandon, renounce, maroon, leave in the lurch, forfeit, disown, waive, ditch, abdicate, jilt, forsake, abjure, disown, repudiate
3. Abnormal, aberrant, anomalous, bizarre, eccentric, freak, idiosyncratic, queer, wayward
4. Scurrilous, calumnious, libelous, opprobrious
5. Libel, calumny, defamation, denigration, misrepresentation, obloquy, slander, aspersion, vilification, malign, traduce, smear, besmirch, tarnish, imputation, vituperation, defile
6. Abundant, bountiful, copious, luxuriant, rampant
7. Abuse, assault, execration, invective, vituperation, affront, berate, castigate, inveigh, odium
8. Acclaim, applaud, extol, commend, kudos, laud, eulogize, ovation, esteem, plaudits, acquiescence,
endorsement, mandate, ratification
9. Accusations, impeachment, allegation, summons, indictment
10. Acquit, absolve, exonerate, vindicate
11. Bounty, largesse, munificence, philanthropy
12. Commendable, absolve, exemplary, laudable, meritorious, honorable
13. Contemptible, despicable, detestable, disgraceful, loathsome, odious, ignominious, dishonorable, discreditable
14. Condemnable, reprehensible, deplorable
15. Censure, condemnation, culpability, reprimand, recrimination, reproach, denounce
16. Aggressive, antagonistic, bellicose, belligerent, pugnacious, warlike, fractious, quarrelsome, contentious,
litigious, militant
17. Irascible, petulant, peevish, dyspeptic, cantankerous, irritable, bilious
18. Agreement, accord, conformity, consensus, harmony, unanimity, compact, treaty, covenant, truce, pact
19. Approbate, comply, accent, concur, approve, acquiesce, concede, accord
20. Alleviate, abate, allay, ameliorate, assuage, mitigate, slake, subdue, temper, relieve, mollify, appease,
conciliate, placate, gruntle
21. Alliance, affiliation, coalition, concordat, compact, confederation, consortium
22. Allure, attract, beguile, decoy, entice, lure, magnetize
23. Mitigate, palliate, extenuate
24. Coax, wheedle, inveigle, cajole
25. Amiable, affable, amicable, genial
26. Amorous, carnal, enamored, erotic, lustful, lecherous, licentious, salacious, lascivious, libidinous, lewd,
prurient, lubricious, bawdy, erotic
27. Ancient, antediluvian, antiquated, archaic, outmoded, passé, primordial
28. Animosity, acerbity, acrimony, animus, antagonism, antipathy, asperity, malevolence, rancor, vindictiveness,
enmity, malice
29. Anonymous, incognito, pseudonymn
30. Phlegmatic, sluggish, languid, indolent, listless, lackadaisical
31. Apathy, lassitude, lethargy, debility, languor
32. Apex, acme, apogee, zenith, crest, culmination, summit, pinnacle
33. Apologetic, contrite, penitent, remorseful, rueful
34. Apprentice, novice, tyro, greenhorn
35. Appropriate, apposite, apropos, apt, befitting, felicitous, opportune, pertinent, seasonable, seemly
36. Arbitrary, autocratic, despotic, imperious, tyrannical, totalitarian
37. Arbitrary, capricious, whimsical, erratic, eccentric, mercurial, quirky
38. Ardent, zealous, fervent, impassioned, passionate
39. Arduous, grueling, laborious, herculean, onerous
40. Altercation, bickering, clash, dispute, feud, squabble, wrangle, quibble, carp, cavil
41. Arrogant, cavalier, haughty, impudent, supercilious, swaggering, presumptuous, snobbish, condescending,
42. Articulate, eloquent, glib, lucid
43. Asperity, abrasiveness, acerbity, acidity, acrimony, churlishness, irascibility, rancor
44. Atrocious, heinous
45. Augury, premonition, forewarning, portent, foreboding, bode, foreshadow, presentiment
46. Ascetic, austere, Spartan, self-denying
47. Frugal, parsimonious, stingy,
48. Banal, clichéd, commonplace, hackneyed, humdrum, platitudinous, stereotyped, trivial, trite
49. Banish, exile, expel, rusticate, outlaw, oust, expatriate, deport
50. Banter, badinage, chaffing, repartee
51. Barbarian, boor
52. Barrage, fusillade, onslaught, bombardment, assault
53. Barrier, embankment, rampart, bulwark, blockade, fortification, palisade
54. Beget, procreate, father
55. Bell, carillon, knell
56. Bemuse, befuddle, bewilder, stupefy, confound, daze, flummox, muddle, mystify 57. Benevolent, altruistic, beneficent, benign, compassionate, philanthropic
58. Berserk, frenzied, frenetic, demented, deranged, maniacal
59. Bizarre, eccentric, freakish, grotesque, outlandish, weird, idiosyncratic
60. Beseech, implore, importune, entreat, supplicate
61. Besiege, beleaguer, pester, badger
62. Bewitch, captivate, enrapture, enchant, enthrall, entrance, mesmerize, ensnare, endear, engaging
63. Biased, bigoted, chauvinistic, jaundiced, partisan, tendentious, patriotic, jingoistic, sectarian
64. Genealogy, lineage, pedigree, race
65. Blasphemous, impious, irreverent, profane, sacrilegious
66. Blatant, barefaced, flagrant, conspicuous, shameless
67. Blaze, conflagration, holocaust, carnage, massacre
68. Boastful, vainglorious, bragging, conceited
69. Boisterous, obstreperous, rowdy, uproarious
70. Burlesque, caricature, travesty, lampoon, parody, sham, pastiche
71. Circuitous, devious, labyrinthine, meandering, oblique, rambling, tortuous, serpentine
72. Dainty, squeamish, fastidious, meticulous
73. Dappled, pied, motley, speckled, variegated
74. Dawdle, dally, loiter
75. Dexterous, agile, nimble, deft, adroit, lithe, limber
76. Devilish, demoniac, diabolic, fiendish, infernal
77. Dingy, murky, drab, seedy, dowdy
78. Discordant, cacophonous, clashing, dissonant, incongruous
79. Dormant, comatose, quiescent, latent, torpid
80. Ephemeral, fugitive, evanescent, fleeting
81. Etiquette, civility, protocol, decorum
82. Exuberant, ebullient, effervescent, vivacious, exultant
83. Fashionable, modish, vogue, contemporary, trendy
84. Flirt, coquette, philanderer
85. Gaunt, emaciated, cadaverous, lanky, haggard
86. Grandiloquent, bombastic, melodramatic, pompous, rhetorical
87. Heresy, unorthodox, heterodox, iconoclast, pagan
88. Hoodwink, cozen, deceive, dupe, hoax
89. Impromptu, extemporized, offhand
90. Impregnable, impenetrable, invincible, unconquerable
91. Insidious, deceptive, treacherous, surreptitious, furtive
92. Lament, dirge, elegy, requiem
93. Melancholy, lugubrious, disconsolate, despondent, somber, dejected, plaintive, lamenting, doleful
94. Paraphernalia, appurtenance, accessories
95. Perfunctory, cursory
96. Pestilence, blight, pandemic, plague, contagion, epidemic
97. Pillage, depredation, marauding, plunder, despoil, ransack, ravage, devastate
98. Prevaricate, tergiversate, equivocate, evasive, elusive
99. Profuse, exuberant, prolific, lavish, abundant
100. Profound, erudite, esoteric, recondite
101. Suspicious, apprehensive, skeptical, dubious, incredulous, wary
102. Sycophantic, flattering, servile
103. Therapeutic, curative, salubrious
104. Tumult, pandemonium, turmoil, chaos, commotion, turbulence, uproar
105. Virtuoso, maestro, prodigy
106. Voracious, ravenous, rapacious, insatiable, avid

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